Academic Year 2022

Date Speaker Topic Host
10/7/21 **9 AM** Chloe-Agathe Azencott, CBIO Mines ParisTech, Institut Curie, INSERM **9 AM** Network-guided genome-wide association studies C. Stephens
10/14/21 Carlos Bustamante, UC Berkeley Division of Labor and Mechanism of Translocation of a Ring ATPase M. Jaime Garza
10/28/21 Jeremy England, Georgia Tech Self-Organization of Lifelike Behaviors D. Rajan
11/4/21 Marco Mravic, UCSD Clements Lecture B. DeGrado
11/18/21 **4 pm** Ken Dill, Stony Brook University Peter A. Kollman Lecture: Forces of Nature: Cell adaptation, homeostasis and evolution B. Shoichet
12/2/21 Olga Boudker, Weill Cornell TBD R. Edwards & D. Minor
12/9/21 **4 pm** Alana Schepartz, UC Berkeley Braisted Lecture C. Craik
1/6/22 Feng Zhang, MIT TBD P. Klauser & W. Shen
1/13/22 Aaron Ring, Yale Engineered Cytokines in Cancer Immunotherapy C. Bracken & S. Elledge
1/20/22 Catherine Grimes, University of Delaware TBD B. Zaro
1/27/22 Negar Rostamzadeh, Google TBD H. Goodarzi
2/3/22 Vanessa Ruta, Rockefeller University TBD A. Manglik
2/10/22 Greg Towers, University College London HARC Lecture: Understanding pandemics with a molecular perspective, HIV vs SARS-CoV-2 N. Krogan
2/17/22 David Baker, University of Washington TBD C. Bracken & P. Burroughs
3/17/22 Squire Booker, Pennsylvania State University Moving beyond methionine synthase: New insight into cobalamin-dependent methylation reactions D. Fujimori
3/31/22 Joanna Wysocka, Stanford University Gladstone Center for Cell Circuitry Seminar L. Weinberger
4/7/22 Kizzmekia Corbett, NIH TBD A. Manglik
4/14/22 Tanja Mittag, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital TBD W. Weiss
4/21/22 Elizabeth Villa, UCSD Opening Windows into the Cell: Bringing Structure into Cell Biology using cryo-electron tomography S. Floor
4/28/22 Karlene Cimprich, Stanford The Causes and Consequences of Replication Stress L. Weinberger
5/12/22 Rob Phillips, CalTech TBD A. Catching
5/19/22 Liz Kellogg, Cornell University TBD D. Chen
5/26/22 Yael David, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Uncovering Cancer-Associated Epigenetic Events Using Novel Chemical Tools W. Shen
6/2/22 Jiaoyang Jiang, University of Wisconsin-Madison TBD H. Wang

Academic Year 2021

Date Speaker Topic Host
9/24/20 Allison Williams, UCSF Unraveling the mechanism of activation of the bacterial stress signaling platform James Fraser
10/1/20 Margaret Gardel, University of Chicago Cytoskeletal Mechanosensing by LIM domains Dyche Mullins
10/8/20 Cole Trapnell, University of Washington Embryo scale single-cell spatial transcriptomics Sourav Bandyopadhyay
10/22/20 Mikhail Shapiro, CalTech Biomolecular Ultrasound for Non-Invasive Imaging and Control of Cellular Function Aashish Manglik
11/5/20 Pardis Sabeti, Harvard Outbreak Response in the Genomic Age Wren Saylor
12/3/20 Laura Kiessling, MIT Carbohydrates as Cellular IDs J. Braxton, D. Schwarz
12/10/20 Aviv Regev, Genentech Co-Sponsored with the Helen Diller Cancer Center: Cell Atlases as Roadmaps to Understand Genes and Treat Disease Jimmie Ye
1/7/21 Florentine Rutaganira, UC Berkeley Chemical Biology in the Closest Living Relatives of Animals Cynthia Chio
1/14/21 Donita Brady, University of Pennsylvania Cellular and Molecular Determinants of Copper Activation of Protein Kinases in Cancer Natalia Jura
1/21/21 Axel Brunger, Stanford Molecular Mechanisms of Synaptic Neurotransmitter Release Robert Edwards
1/28/21 Robert Spitale, UC Irvine Chemical Approaches to Analyzing the Transcriptome Stephen Floor
2/4/21 Lillian Kenner, Genentech Clements Lecture: A Structural View of Translation Initiation using cryo-EM Adam Frost
2/11/21 Philip Kranzusch, Harvard Evolution of antiviral immunity Ryan Tibble
2/18/21 Gaudenz Danuser, UT Southwestern How shape shapes cancer cells Tamas Nagy
2/25/21 Kevin Eggan, Harvard Deciphering the Molecular Logic of Motor Neuron Degeneration in ALS Lani Wu
3/4/21 David Relman, Stanford Gladstone Center for Cell Circuitry Seminar: The response to disturbance in the human microbial ecosystem Leor Weinberger
3/11/21 Judith Klinman, UC Berkeley Emerging Experimental Probes of Reaction Specific Dynamical Networks that Control Enzyme Activation Sasha Dickinson
3/18/21 Hunter Fraser, Stanford Using hybrids to explore the evolution of complex traits Nadav Ahituv
4/1/21 Eugene Valkov, NIH Biochemical Studies of Messenger RNA Degradation J. Gross
4/8/21 Kevin Haigis, Harvard How mutations and post-translational modifications influence K-RAS networks Sourav Bandyopadhyay
4/15/21 Lisa Jones, University of Maryland In-Cell Protein Footprinting Coupled with Mass Spectrometry for Proteome-Wide Structural Biology Snow Naing & Samuel Thompson
4/22/21 Vamsi Mootha, Harvard Mitochondrial parts, pathways, and pathogenesis Yessica Gomez
4/29/21 Demet Araç, University of Chicago Cellular Communication via Adhesion in the Nervous System Aashish Manglik
5/6/21 Helen Blackwell, University of Wisconsin-Madison Chemical Interventions into Bacterial Cell-Cell Signaling Wenqi Shen
5/13/21 Larry Hamann, Takeda Pharmaceuticals Expanding the Druggable Genome Through Cereblon-Mediated Protein Degradation Danica Galonic Fujimori
5/20/21 Wes Sundquist, University of Utah HARC Lecture: Structure and Function of the HIV Capsid Nevan Krogan
6/3/21 Vincent Tagliabracci, UT Southwestern Expanding the kinome Natalia Jura

Academic Year 2020

Date Speaker Topic Host
10/3/19 Francois Diederich, ETH Zurich **OFF TIME: 4 PM** Novartis Lecture: Molecular Recognition in Chemical and Biological Systems: Chemical Models and Biostructural Investigations B. DeGrado
10/10/19 Hiroaki Suga, University of Tokyo Revolutionizing the discovery process of therapeutically worthy peptides S. Dai
10/24/19 Neville Bethel Clements Lecture: Microscopic Elasticity: Membranes and Proteins M. Grabe
11/7/19 Jeremy Luban, University of Massachusetts Medical School HARC Seminar: Tales of resistance to HIV-1 and related creatures N. Krogan
11/14/19 Sally Horne-Badonivac, University of Chicago Going in circles gets you somewhere – signaling mechanisms that coordinate cell movements for collective migration. S. Altschuler
11/21/19 Tobias Meyer, Stanford Gladstone Center for Cell Circuitry Seminar: Multi-reporter live microscopy reveals how mammalian cells decide to enter or exit the cell cycle L. Weinberger
12/5/19 Ahmad Khalil, Boston University Computation, Memory, and Complexity: Design of Gene Regulatory Circuits in Eukaryotic Cells H. El Samad
1/9/20 Cassandra Quave, Emory University Ethnobotany-guided discovery of novel natural products for infectious disease D. Julius
1/23/20 Lingyin Li, Stanford University Understanding the anti-cancer STING pathway and harnessing it to treat metastatic cancers S. Dai
1/30/20 Cynthia Wolberger, Johns Hopkins Medical Institute **OFF TIME: 3:30 PM** Histone ubiquitination in transcription and nucleosome dynamics. D. Fujimori
2/6/20 Chuan He, University of Chicago **Alternate Room HD 160** RNA methylation in gene expression regulation S. Dai, P. Klauser
2/13/20 Trey Ideker, UCSD Interpreting the cancer genome through physical and functional models of the cancer cell S. Bandyopadhyay
2/20/20 Debora Marks, Harvard Learning and designing genotype to phenotype with neural machines M. Kampmann
2/27/20 Barry Honig, Columbia **Alternate Room HD 160** The molecular basis of cell-cell recognition: Cellular patterning and nervous system wiring T. Kortemme
3/5/20 **Cancelled**Demet Araç, University of Chicago **Cancelled**Cellular Communication via Adhesion in the Nervous System A. Manglik
3/12/20 **Cancelled**Mikhail Shapiro, CalTech **CANCELLED** Biomolecular Ultrasound for Non-Invasive Imaging and Control of Cellular Function J. Fraser
4/9/20 **CANCELLED**Derek Lowe, Novartis **CANCELLED**Drug Discovery From the Inside? M. Moore
4/15/20 **Cancelled** Vamsi Mootha, Harvard **Cancelled**Joint Seminar with BMS: TBA G. Lewis
4/23/20 **Cancelled**Cole Trapnell, University of Washington **Cancelled** S. Bandyopadhyay
4/30/20 **Cancelled**Vincent Tagliabracci, UT Southwestern **Cancelled**Expanding the kinome N. Jura
5/7/20 Polly Fordyce, Stanford Leveraging microfluidics for high-throughput biophysics, biochemistry, and single-cell biology S. Floor
5/14/20 **Cancelled** Gaudenz Danuser, UT Southwestern **Cancelled** T. Nagy
5/21/20 **Cancelled** Jiaoyang Jiang, University of Wisconsin-Madison **Cancelled** H. Wang
6/4/20 **Cancelled** Philip Kranzusch, Harvard **Cancelled** cGAS-like enzymes in human immunity and host-microbe signaling R. Tibble

Academic Year 2019

Date Speaker Topic Host
9/27/18 Gaya Amarasinghe, Washington University Viral immune evasion mechanisms John Gross
10/4/18 Tracy Johnson, UCLA RNA Processing, Chromatin Modification, and the Coordinated Control of Gene Expression Stephen Floor
10/11/18 Rong Li, Johns Hopkins University Gladstone Cencter for Cell Circuitry Seminar: Cellular asymmetry in aging and proteostasis Lani Wu
10/18/18 Yuan Gao Clements Lecture: Structural studies on ligand and lipid modulation of the capsaicin receptor, TRPV1 Yifan Cheng & David Julius
10/25/18 Youxing Jiang, UT Southwestern Structural Insights into the Selectivity and Gating of Organellar Two-pore Channels Robert Stroud
11/8/18 Tom Muir, Princeton Braisted Lecture: Inteins: Discovery, Engineering and Applications to Chromatin Biology Charly Craik
11/15/18 Jesse Bloom, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center HARC Seminar: How genetic heterogeneity affects the outcome of viral infection in single cells John Gross
11/29/18 Sinisa Urban, JHMI Life in the membrane: the story of rhomboid intramembrane proteases Aashish Manglik
12/6/18 Elizabeth Winzeler, UCSD Using genetics and genomics to find next-generation cures for malaria Eric Gonzalez
1/10/19 Long Cai, CalTech Spatial genomics and dynamics by intron seqFISH Sourav Bandyopadhyay
1/17/19 Olivia Rissland, University of Colorado, Denver Connections between translation and mRNA decay Stephen Floor
1/24/19 Gregory Alushin, The Rockefeller University Cytoskeletal structural plasticity in force generation and mechanosensation Aashish Manglik
1/31/19 Carolyn Bertozzi, Stanford Cancer immune therapies targeting glycol-immune checkpoints Peter Rohweder
2/7/19 Angela Brooks, UCSC Characterizing RNA splicing alterations in cancer Taylor Cavazos
2/14/19 Hesper Rego, Yale Bacterial infections - one cell at a time Seemay Chou
2/21/19 Robert Singer, Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Janelia Farm Gladstone Cencter for Cell Circuitry Seminar: Following single mRNAs in living cells Leor Weinberger
2/27/19 **OFF DATE & TIME** Frances Arnold, CalTech Kollman Lecture: Machine learning-enhanced directed evolution of enzymes and channelrhodopsins Tom Ferrin
3/14/19 Rachel Klevit, University of Washington From One to Many: How Ubiquitin Regulates (almost) Everything Sasha Dickinson
4/4/19 Zan Luthey-Schulten, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Towards Simulating a Minimal Bacterial Cell: Integration of Experiment and Theory Wallace Marshall
4/25/19 Christine Jacob-Wagner, Yale Gladstone Instittute for Cell Circuitry Seminar: Governing and organizational principles of transcription and translation: Lessons from bacteria Fred Chang
5/2/19 Kabirul Islam, University of Pittsburgh Protein and Small Molecule Engineering towards an Orthogonal Chromatin Landscape Michelle Arkin & Danica Galonic Fujimori
5/9/19 Ibrahim Cisse, MIT Super-resolution imaging of transcription in live mammalian cells Greyson Lewis
5/16/19 Katherine Henzler-Wildman, University of Wisconsin Re-thinking the transport mechanism of the small multidrug efflux pump, EmrE: Does promiscuity preclude tight coupling? Aashish Manglik
5/30/19 David Liu, Harvard Base editing: chemistry on a target base in the genome of living cells Susanna Elledge & Jack Stevenson

Academic Year 2018

Date Speaker Topic Host
10/12/17 Peng Wu, TSRI Chemoenzymatic glycan labeling: methods and applications Lei Wang
10/26/17 Wes Sundquist, University of Utah HARC Seminar: Harnessing and Inhibiting the ESCRT Virus Budding Pathway John Gross
11/2/17 Hassane Mchaourab, Vanderbilt Principles of Energy Transduction and Alternating Access of ABC Transporters Dan Minor
11/9/17 Arieh Warshel, USC Kollman Lecture: How to Simulate the Action of Complex Biological Systems on a Molecular Level ? John Gross
11/16/17 Neda Bagheri, Northwestern University An in silico study of emergent dynamics in a cancer microenvironment Wallace Marshall
11/30/17 Carsten Schultz, OHSU Tools for imaging and manipulating signaling networks Lei Wang
1/11/18 Milan Mrksich, Northwestern Combining Arrays and Mass Spectrometry for High Throughput Discovery in Chemistry and Biology Lei Wang
1/18/18 Andrew Myers, Harvard Toward the discovery of next-generation antibiotics. Ian Seiple
2/1/18 Karl Broman, University of Wisconsin- Madison 17 years of R/qtl: developing, maintaining, and supporting scientific software John Witte
2/8/18 **CANCELLED**Carolyn Bertozzi, Stanford **CANCELLED**Cancer immune therapies targeting glyco-immune checkpoints Peter Rohweder
2/15/18 Gurol Suel, UCSD Metabolic oscillations and electrical signaling in biofilms Leor Weinberger
2/22/18 Steve Quake, Stanford Physiology and Aging Probed with Single Cell Genomics Ruilin Tian
3/1/18 Christina Homer Clements Lecture
3/8/18 Thomas Kodadek, TSRI- Jupiter Chemical tools to monitor and manipulate the proteome Peter Rohweder
4/5/18 Jeremy Gunawardena, Harvard University Beyond the Bacterial Paradigm in Gene Regulation Greyson Lewis
4/12/18 Rachel Green, Johns Hopkins University Ribosome recycling, rescue and homeostasis Weihan Li
4/19/18 Matt Simon, Yale University Chemistry to study the dynamics of cellular RNA populations Kevan Shokat
4/26/18 Klaus Hahn, UNC Chapel Hill Building proteins to peek and poke at GTPase circuits in vivo Xiaokun Shu
5/3/18 Christopher Burge, MIT Protein-RNA Interactions and RNA Processing Hiten Madhani
5/10/18 Forest White, MIT Mechanisms of therapeutic resistance revealed by quantitative functional proteomics Natalia Jura
5/17/18 Tom Rapoport, Harvard Mechanism of ER-associated protein degradation (ERAD) Adam Frost
5/31/18 Andre Levchenko, Yale University Are signaling networks Rube Goldberg machines? information processing vs. network structure Wallace Marshall

Academic Year 2017

Date Speaker Topic Host
9/22/16 Grant Jensen, CalTech Structural biology in vivo through electron cryotomography Bill DeGrado
9/29/16 Jennifer Cochran, Stanford Engineered Proteins for Visualizing and Treating Cancer Bill DeGrado
10/4/16 Ruth Ley, MPI Tuebingen Genetic determinants of the gut microbiome and links to phenotype Svetlana Lyallina
10/6/16 Jonathan Gable Clements Lecture: Targeting a Dynamic Protein-Protein Interface to Inhibit a Critical Herpesvirus Enzyme Charly Craik
10/13/16 Eckhard Jankowsky, Case Western RNA helicases in translation initiation and granule formation. John Gross & David Weinberg
10/20/16 Yong Xiong, Yale HIV Capsid Pattern Sensing by the Host John Gross
10/27/16 Roberto Chica, University of Ottowa Engineering protein conformational landscapes using multistate computational protein design James Fraser
11/3/16 Jason Moore, University of Pennsylvania An Automated Data Science Assistant Ryan Hernandez
11/10/16 Ken Prehoda, University of Oregon The ties that bind-evolution of a protein interaction domain family Wendell Lim
11/17/16 David Eisenberg, UCLA Braisted Lecture, Pathogenic vs. Reversible Amyloid Charly Craik
12/1/16 Ivan Dikic, Goethe Institute Ubiquitin and autophagy networks: learning from bacteria about neurodegeneration and cancer Natalia Jura
1/12/17 Kimberly Reynolds, UT Southwestern A conserved evolutionary unit in central metabolism Yuliya Birman
1/19/17 Joachim Frank, Columbia Time-resolved cryo-EM: first biological results with the mixing/spraying microfluidic chip. Rahel Woldeyes
1/26/17 Gerhard Wagner Membrane protein studies in nano discs Daniel Asarnow
2/2/17 Eric Alm, MIT The ecology of the human microbiome in health and disease Leanna Morinishi
2/9/17 Dorothea Fiedler, Princeton Elucidating the role of inositol pyrophosphates in cellular signaling Danica Fujimori
2/16/17 Jeff Kelly, Scripps Adapting Proteostasis to Ameliorate Degenerative Diseases Linked to Protein Aggregation Martin Kampmann
2/23/17 James Noonan, Yale Genetic models of human evolution Nadav Ahituv
3/2/17 Alexander Mankin, University of Illinois at Chicago Stopping the stopping: how one inhibitor can interfere with termination of translation in two different ways Danica Fujimori
3/9/17 Steve Elledge, Harvard Breaking Bad: How Aneuploidy Drives Cancer Sourav Bandyopadhyay
3/16/17 Emily Balskus, Harvard Chemical Discovery in the Human Microbiota Fatima Ugur
4/6/17 George Peng Wang, Georgia State University Chemical biology concepts and experiments for everyone Lei Wang
4/13/17 Ron Dror, Stanford **3 PM** **3 PM** PAK Lecture: Revealing the structural basis for GPCR drug action through atomic-level simulation. John Gross
5/11/17 Nieng Yan, Tsinghua University Structural investigation of voltage-gated sodium channels Bo Huang
5/18/17 Michael Burkart, UCSD Protein-protein interactions in acetate biosynthetic pathways. Ryan Muir

Academic Year 2016

Date Speaker Topic Host
9/24/15 Hiro Furukawa, Cold Spring Harbor Structure and Biology of NMDA receptor ion channels Dan Minor
10/1/15 David Burkhardt Clements Lecture Dave Agard
10/8/15 Eric Siggia, Rockefeller Differentiation of micropatterned human embryonic stem cell colonies recapitulates the early embryo Matt Thomson
10/15/15 Timothy Lu, MIT Programming Cells for Human Health Applications Hana El-Samad
10/22/15 Andrew Ward, Scripps High-resolution cryoEM structures of viral glycoproteins and neutralizing antibodies Bill DeGrado
10/29/15 Chris Garcia, Stanford Tuning cell surface receptor signaling through ligand engineering: Type I receptors versus GPCR Jennifer Kung
11/12/15 Xuewu Zhang, UT Southwestern Regulation mechanisms of the neuronal axon guidance receptor plexin Natalia Jura
12/3/15 Jay Shendure, University of Washington New methods in human genetics Nima Emami
1/7/16 Petra Fromme, Arizona State University Femtosecond Crystallography: A revolution in Structural Biology Jessica Thomaston
1/21/16 Michael Gilson, UCSD 5th Annual Peter A. Kollman Lecture: The Physical Basis of Computer-Aided Drug Design John Gross
2/4/16 Taekjip Ha, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Surprising Physics of DNA on the Genome Scale Terri Lee
2/11/16 Alice Ting, MIT Spatially-Resolved Proteomic Mapping of Living Cells Reveals New Proteins and Functions in the Mitochondria and Neuronal Synapse Juan Perez Bermejo
2/18/16 Erin O'Shea, Harvard Timekeeping by a Three Protein Circadian Clock Jonathan Weissman
2/25/16 Michael Rosen, UT Southwestern Physical Mechanisms of Cell Organization on Micron Length Scales Joe Lobel
3/3/16 Carrie Partch, UCSC Dissecting the molecular basis for circadian timekeeping D. Fujimori
3/10/16 Tuuli Lappalainen, NYGC Functional variation in the human genome: lessons from the transcriptome Tara Friedrich
4/7/16 Ronen Marmorstein, U Penn Molecular Basis for Protein Acetylation Danica Fujimori
4/14/16 Ian Wilson, Scripps Broad neutralization of viral pathogens Bob Stroud
4/28/16 Debbie Nickerson, University of Washington Lessons learned from scaling the analysis of Mendelian conditions Tara Friedrich
5/5/16 David Savage, UC Berkeley Fixed: Synthetic biological approaches for probing cellular physiology James Fraser
5/12/16 Chris Voigt, MIT Cello: A programming language for living cells
5/19/16 Xiaowei Zhuang, Harvard Illuminating Biology at the Nanoscale with Single-molecule and Super-resolution Imaging Bo Huang

Academic Year 2015

Date Speaker Topic Host
9/25/14 Elaine Kirschke Clements Lecture Dave Agard
10/2/14 Phil Geissler, UC Berkeley Quantifying the diversity of side-chain fluctuations in folded proteins Kale Kundert
10/9/14 Hashim Al-Hashimi, Duke Role of Nucleic Acid Dynamics in the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology James Fraser
10/16/14 Lior Pachter, UC Berkeley Transcriptome genetics. Daniel Himmelstein
10/23/14 Gail Fanucci, University of Florida Mechanisms of Drug Resistance in HIV-1 Protease Explored by EPR and NMR Spectroscopies John Gross
10/30/14 Markus Seeliger, Stonybrook "A dynamically coupled allosteric network in the regulation of Src family kinases Natalia Jura
11/6/14 Laura Kiessling, University of Wisconsin Braisted Lecture: Us Versus Them: Cell Surface Glycans to Distinguish Human and Microbial Cells Jim Wells
11/13/14 Jeff Gore, MIT Cooperation, cheating, and collapse in microbial populations Matt Thomson
11/20/14 Molly Przeworski, Columbia University An evolutionary perspective on the human germline mutation rate Tara Friedrich
1/8/15 Mark Murcko, Disruptive Biomedical Kollman Lecture: Progress Towards Predicting Ligand Binding Free Energy John Gross
1/15/15 Edward Marcotte, University of Texas at Austin Evolution, the proteome, and disease James Webber
1/22/15 Barak Cohen, Washington University in St. Louis Why don't transcription factors get lost? Nadav Ahituv
2/5/15 Robert Keenan, University of Chicago Tail-anchored membrane proteins biogenesis Bill DeGrado
2/12/15 Judith Klinman, UC Berkeley Moving through Barriers: Unlocking the Mysteries of How Enzymes Really Work Susan Miller
2/19/15 Anne-Claude Gingras, Lunenfeld Kinase-phosphatase interactomes: a tale of Hippos and mulberries Rebecca Levin
2/26/15 Samie Jaffrey, Cornell Imaging RNA and RNA biology using RNA mimics of green fluorescent protein David Weinberg
3/5/15 Ruth Nussinov, NIH Signaling pathways in cancer Diego Garrido Ruiz
4/2/15 Jennifer Doudna, UC Berkeley CRISPR Biology: From Discovery to Application Bill DeGrado
4/9/15 Dewey McCafferty Lysine-Specific Histone Demethylase LSD1: Mechanism, Biology, and Emerging Role in Breast Cancer Bill DeGrado
4/16/15 Ronald Raines, University of Wisconsin Ribonuclease: From kcat/KM to the Clinic Sam Pollock
4/23/15 Jeffrey Hubbell, University of Chicago Engineering antigen presentation in immunity and tolerance Tejal Desai
4/30/15 Vlad Denic, Harvard Activation of Atg1 kinase by receptor-bound targets initiates selective autophagy Jonathan Weissman
5/7/15 Jennifer Prescher Expanding the imaging toolbox Zev Gartner
5/14/15 Evgeny Nudler, NYU Molecular Trafficking in Gene Control and DNA Maintenance Leo Gendelev
5/21/15 Ming Hammond, UC Berkeley Exploiting riboswitches to study and manipulate bacterial signaling Danica Galonic Fujimori
5/28/15 Michael Elowitz, Cal Tech An operational view of mammalian signaling and memory circuits Brian Sharon

Academic Year 2014

Date Speaker Topic Host
9/26/13 Laura Lavery Clements Lecture: Molecular asymmetry provides new insights into Hsp90 mechanism Dave Agard
10/17/13 Richard Bonneau, NYU Integrative computational methods for learning dynamic regulatory models: application to T-cell differentiation and function Andrew Sczesnak
10/24/13 David Bartel, MIT MicroRNAs and a developmental switch in the nature of translational control. Hiten Madhani
10/31/13 Erin Carlson, Indiana University Chemical Probes to Explore and Inhibit Bacterial Pathogenesis Danica Galonic Fujimori
11/21/13 Dana Pe'er, Columbia University What can you do with 40 dimensions in single cells, mapping development, signal processing and disease? Wendell Lim
1/9/14 Wah Chiu, Baylor College of Medicine Structures of Viruses Inside and Outside the Host Cells Yifan Cheng
1/16/14 Kevin Healy, UC Berkeley Disease-Specific Microphysiological Human Organ Models: the Future of Personalized Medicine? Bruce Conklin
1/23/14 David Mooney, Harvard Biomaterials as therapeutic cancer vaccines Tejal Desai
1/30/14 Kate Carroll Painting the Cysteine Chapel: New Tools to Probe Oxidation Biology Bill DeGrado
2/13/14 Benjamin Cravatt, Scripps Activity-based proteomics - applications for enzyme and inhibitor discovery. Christina Fitzsimmons & Becca Levin
2/20/14 Claudio Joazeiro, Scripps Listerin/Ltn1 links Co-translational Protein Quality Control and Neurodegeneration. Jonathan Weissman
2/27/14 Bianxiao Cui, Stanford Light-controlled intracellular signaling pathways in cell fate determination Bo Huang
3/13/14 Tim Hughes, University of Toronto Kaleidoscopic evolution of C2H2 zinc finger DNA binding Nevan Krogan
4/3/14 Tack Kuntz, Kollman Lecture Computation, Modeling & Evolution at UCSF: Past, Present, Future John Gross
4/10/14 David Baker, University of Washington Design of protein structures, functions and assemblies Jennifer Kung & Justin Rettenmaier
4/17/14 Rama Ranganathan, UT Southwestern The evolutionary "design" of proteins Sara Calhoun & Diego Garrido Ruiz
4/24/14 Alexander Hoffman, UCSD Network Dynamics as a basis for Specificity Hana El Samad
5/1/14 Dorothee Kern, Brandeis The evolution of kinase dynamics over 1 billion years reveals Gleevec's selectivity James Fraser
5/8/14 Trey Ideker, UCSD Siri of the Cell: What Biology Can Learn From The iPhone. James Webber
5/15/14 L. Mahadevan, Harvard A physical basis for morphogenesis? Matt Thomson
5/22/14 Cliff Brangwynne, Princeton Intracellular Phase Transitions and Cell Size Dyche Mullins
5/29/14 Johan Paulsson, Harvard Quantifying dynamics in single cells Graham Heimberg

Academic Year 2013

Date Speaker Topic Host
9/27/12 Sheng Zhong, U Illinois Comparative Epigenomics: a case study of human, mouse and pig pluripotent stem cells. Bo Huang
10/11/12 Caleb Bashor Clements Lecture Wendell Lim
10/18/12 Dianne Newman, CalTech New interpretations of ancient biomarkers: exploring the functions of (2-methyl) hopanoids, steroid analogs in bacteria Joe Kliegman
10/24/12 Stuart Schreiber, Harvard University Braisted Lecture, Cancer genetic dependencies targeted by small molecules Jim Wells
11/8/12 Doug Lauffenberger, MIT In Vivo Systems Analysis of Cell-Cell Communication and Signaling in Inflammation Kathy Giacomini
11/15/12 Robert Lamb, Northwestern Activating protein re-folding to cause paramyxovirus-mediated membrane fusion Bill DeGrado
11/28/12 Greg Verdine, Harvard Cancer Chemical Biology Jim Wells
11/29/12 Sunney Xie, Harvard Life at the Single Molecule Level David Burkhardt
1/10/13 Susan Marqusee, UC Berkeley Sequence Determinants of a Protein's Energy Landscape Henry Lin
1/17/13 David Odde, University of Minnesota Microtubule self-assembly kinetics Wallace Marshall & Dyche Mullins
1/24/13 Wenying Shou, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center War and peace: a biological basis for population segregation and mixing Wallace Marshall
2/7/13 Jonathan Javitch, Columbia A tale of two substrates: a novel mechanism for neurotransmitter:sodium symport Robert Edwards
2/14/13 Michael Levitt, Stanford Combinatorial Methods Solve a Difficult Structural Problem to Reveal How Chaperonins Work in Eukaryotes John Gross
2/21/13 Bridget Carragher, Scripps Investigating the dynamics of molecular machines using automated electron microscopy Bob Stroud
2/28/13 David Liu, Harvard Small-molecule and macromolecule discovery driven by evolution Zev Gartner
3/7/13 Michael Laub, MIT Specificity and evolution of bacterial signaling pathways. Anthony Shiver
3/14/13 Celeste Nelson, Princeton Physical control of tissue morphogenesis Zev Gartner
4/11/13 Brenda Schulman, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Twists and Turns in Ubiquitin Conjugation Cascades John Gross
4/18/13 Garry Nolan, Stanford A structure for cancer and immunity at the single cell level by mass cytometry Justin Rettenmaier
4/25/13 Adrian Keatinge-Clay, University of Texas Visualizing and harnessing polyketide assembly lines Bob Stroud
5/2/13 Laura Kiessling, University of Wisconsin-Madison Probing and Perturbing the Cell's Glycan Coat Kevan Shokat
5/16/13 Jeffrey Skolnick, Georgia Tech Interplay of physics and evolution in the likely origin of protein biochemical function Peter Cimermancic

Academic Year 2012

Date Speaker Topic Host
9/29/11 Vijay Pande Some surprises in the Biophysics of Protein Dynamics Emmanuel Yera, Jain Lab, Computational Student Group
10/13/11 Jure Leskovec Computational Perspectives on the Structure and Information Flows in On-Line Networks Michael Fischbach
10/13/11 Jure Leskovec, Stanford Michael Fischbach
10/20/11 BP Clements Best Thesis Talk, Anselm Levskaya Closed Loop Optogenetics for the Study of Neural Circuitry In Vivo Chris Voigt
10/27/11 Jim Ferrell, Stanford Dissecting the Mitotic Trigger Wendell Lim
11/3/11 Adam Cohen, Harvard Bo Huang
11/17/11 Galit Lahav, Harvard Encoding information through protein dynamics Wendell Lim, Center for Systems & Synthetic Biology
12/1/11 Doug Lauffenberger, MIT Quantitative Cell Bioengineering Analysis of EGF Receptor Inhibitor Effectiveness in Cancer Therapeutics Kathy Giacomini, QBC Sponsored
12/7/11 Tom Tuschl Characterization of regulatory small RNAs and RNA-binding proteins Michael McManus
1/12/12 Ivan Ovcharenko, NIH NCBI Computational strategies for deciphering the sequence encoding of gene regulatory elements Mee J Kim, Ahituv Lab
1/19/12 Kristala Jones Prather, MIT Parts, Devices, and Chassis in Support of Metabolic Engineering David Booth
1/26/12 Robert Austin, Princeton Darwinian Evolution: Not As Slow as You Might Think Wallace Marshall
2/16/12 Mina Bissell, LBNL Why don't we get more cancer? The proposed role of the microenvironment in tissue specificity and breast cancer Crystal Nyitray, Student
2/23/12 Amy Palmer, University of Colorado Developing fluorescent tools for live cell imaging Xiaokun Shu
3/1/12 Rami Hannoush Chemical tools to perturb and image Wnt signaling Danica Galonic Fujimori
3/15/12 Harmit Malik, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Genetic conflicts: the usual suspects and beyond John Gross
4/5/12 Ian Wilson, Scripps Broad neutralization of HIV and influenza viruses Bob Stroud
4/12/12 Michelle Chang, UC Berkeley Building new chemical function in living organisms Jack Taunton, Kevan Shokat
4/19/12 Alan Engleman, Farber Cancer Center Retroviral integrase function and drug resistance mechanisms Bob Stroud, HARC Sponsored
4/26/12 Howard Hang, Rockefeller Chemical Reporters for Protein S-Palmitoylation in Cell biology and Innate Immunity Danica Galonic Fujimori
5/3/12 Russ Altman, Stanford The emerging network of data for linking genes and drugs Chris Wen, Giacomini Lab, Computational Student Group
5/17/12 Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz, NIH Mitochondria, metabolism and cell cycle control: an imaging perspective Amanda Silber and Si-Han Chen, Students
5/24/12 Ira Mellman, Genentech Next Generation Approaches to Basic Cell Biology & Drug Discovery Justin Rettenmaier, Wells Lab
5/31/12 Jim Ferrell, Stanford Dissecting the Mitotic Trigger Wendell Lim
5/31/12 Jim Ferrell Dissecting the Mitotic Trigger Wendell Lim
5/31/12 Jim Ferrell Dissecting the Mitotic Trigger Wendell Lim

Academic Year 2011

Date Speaker Topic Host
9/30/10 Ehud Isacoff, UC Berkeley Pam England
10/14/10 Quincey Justman, BP Alum Kevan Shokat
10/21/10 Amy Keating, MIT Tanja Kortemme
10/28/10 Bill De Grado, Braisted Talk
11/18/10 Bonnie Bassler, Princeton Joe Kliegman
12/2/10 Lei Wang, Salk Institute Jack Taunton
1/13/11 David Case, Rutgers Tom James
1/20/11 Hening Lin, Cornell Danica Galonic & Jack Taunton
1/27/11 Adrian Elcock, University of Iowa Andrej Sali
2/3/11 Erik Winfree, Cal Tech Felix Moser, Voigt Lab
2/17/11 Jonathan Eisen, UC Davis Peter Skewes Cox and DeRisi Lab
2/24/11 Ning Zheng, University of Washington Jack Taunton
3/3/11 Charalampos Kalodimos, Rutgers Gross Lab, Robin Aglietti
3/17/11 David Price, University of Iowa HARC Center, Alan Frankel
4/14/11 Mark Yeager, University of Virginia HARC Center, Yifan Cheng
4/21/11 CANCELLED: Niles Pierce, Cal Tech Hana El Samad
4/27/11 Chris Chen, U Penn Tejal Desai and Sai Duriseti
4/28/11 Bill Noble, University of Washington Genevieve Erwin, Pollard Lab
5/5/11 Eduardo Perozo, University of Chicago David Julius
5/12/11 Bruce Roth, Genentech Brian Shoichet
5/19/11 TBA
5/26/11 Alexander Van Oudenaarden, MIT
6/2/11 Linda Hsieh-Wilson, Cal Tech Al Burlingame and Samuel Myers

Academic Year 2010

Date Speaker Topic Host
10/1/09 Jeremy Wilbur, Clements Recipient Clements Distinguished BP Award Talk: Mechanisms for Scaling the Mitotic Spindle
10/15/09 Alice Ting, MIT Orion Weiner Lab, Sheel Dandekar
10/22/09 Bill Jorgensen, Yale Matt Jacobson
10/29/09 Mark Mayer, NIH Dan Minor
11/19/09 Niko Grigorieff, Brandeis Yifan Cheng
12/3/09 Rachelle Gaudet, Harvard Lily Jan
1/14/10 James Berger, UC Berkeley Dan Minor
1/21/10 Andy McCammon, UCSD Ken Dill
2/11/10 Gerald Joyce, Scripps Mike Lopez and Kevan Shokat
2/24/10 Louise Jonson, Oxford Bob Stroud, HARC Sponsored
2/25/10 W.E. Moerner, Stanford Matt Jacobson
3/11/10 Angela Gronenborn, University of Pittsburgh John Gross, HARC Sponsored
3/18/10 Susan Taylor, UCSD Matt Jacobson and Jim Wells
4/1/10 Daniel Herschlag, Stanford Babbitt Lab, Michael Hicks
4/15/10 Jon Ellman, UC Berkeley Charly Craik
4/22/10 Edward Holmes, Penn State Andino Lab, Cecily Burrill
4/29/10 Peter Sorger, Harvard Philip Merksamer, Papaz Lab
5/13/10 Phil Cole, Johns Hopkins Danica Galonic Fujimori
5/20/10 Danny Tawfik, Weizmann Institute of Science Brian Shoichet
5/27/10 Erik Sorensen, Princeton Brian Shoichet
6/3/10 Eric Gouaux, OHSU Rob Edwards

Academic Year 2009

Date Speaker Topic Host
10/2/08 David Savage Clements Talk: The Carbon Cycle at a Molecular Level: Design Principles of Cyanobacterial and Yeast Metabolism
10/16/08 Jamie Williamson, Scripps Ribosome assembly: watching a machine assemble in vitro and in cells using mass spectrometry S. Floor
10/23/08 Bruce Cohen, LBNL-Biological Nanostructures Facility of the Molecular Foundry Smart Nanoparticles and the Future of Bioimaging Lily Jan
10/30/08 Ruben Gonzalez, Columbia Coupling of ribosome and tRNA dynamics during translation elongation
11/13/08 Sharad Ramanthan, Harvard "Deforming signaling networks: using evolutionary analyses to re-wire kinase pathways." H. El-Samad
11/20/08 Jean-Louis Reymond, Univ. of Berne Switzerland "Exploration of Chemical Space for Drug Discovery by Database Generation" B. Shoichet
12/11/08 A. Joshua Wand, University of Pennsylvania The dark energy of proteins: Conformational entropy and its contribution to molecular recognition by proteins C. Mcclendon
1/15/09 James Chou, Harvard The Proton Channels of Influenza Virus John Gross
1/22/09 Anand Asthagiri, Cal Tech "From molecular networks to multicellular phenotypes" Hana El-Samad
1/29/09 Tom Muir, Rockefeller Testing the ‚Histone Code‚Hypothesis Using Synthesis
1/30/09 Benoit Roux, University of Chicago QB3/iPQB Invitational Speaker Series Dill and Jacobson Labs
2/12/09 Richard Friesner, Columbia Computational Modeling of Protein-Ligand Interactions: Successes, Challenges, and Prospects. Matt Jacobson
2/19/09 Chris Miller, Brandeis Chloride transporters and chloride channels all mixed up Dan Minor
2/27/09 Sumit Chanda, Burnham Institute Global Analysis of HIV host-pathogen interactions using RNAi Frankel Lab
3/12/09 Bryan Roth, UNC, Chapel Hill Synthetic and chemical biological approaches for modulating neuronal signaling in vivo Brian Shoichet
3/13/09 Uri Alon, Weizman Institute of Science QB3/iPQB Invitational Speaker Series El Samad Lab
3/19/09 James Chen, Stanford Chemical probes of embryonic signaling and patterning
3/20/09 Jeff Kelly, Scripps Research Institute QB3/iPQB Invitational Speaker Series Shoichet Lab
4/2/09 Joachim Frank, NYU Ribosomal Dynamics during Translation Rebeca Choy
4/16/09 Wes Sundquist, University of Utah The Biochemistry of HIV Budding Alkan Frankel
4/23/09 Vern Schramm, Albert Einstein College of Medicine Enzymatic Transition States: Drugs and Dynamics. Danica Galanic Fujimori
4/24/09 Ian Haworth, USC QB3/iPQB Invitational Speaker Series Sali Lab
4/30/09 Deborah Hung, Harvard
5/14/09 TBA Braisted Lecture
5/21/09 Annelise Barron, Stanford Robust, non-natural Aupeptoid, Au mimics of antimicrobial peptides for potent, selective bacterial pathogen killing Ken Dill
5/28/09 Andy McCammon, UCSD
5/29/09 Aviv Regev, Broad Institute QB3/iPQB Invitational Speaker Series Weissman Lab
6/12/09 Steven Boyd, University of Calgary QB3/iPQB Invitational Speaker Series Majumdar Lab

Academic Year 2008

Date Speaker Topic Host
10/11/07 Nick Endres, UC Berkeley Clements Talk: Using artificial lipid membranes to gain insights into the structure and function of signaling proteins in the EGFR/Ras signaling network D. Agard
10/18/07 Justin Gallivan, Emory University Reprogramming Bacteria with Small Molecules and RNA P. England
10/25/07 Jack Szostak, Harvard Medical School Braisted Lecture: Towards the Design and Synthesis of an Artificial Cell C. Craik and J. Wells
11/1/07 Peter Wright, Scripps Exploring the protein energy landscape: Disorder, dynamics, and protein function S. Miller
11/15/07 Paul Hergenrother, University of Illinois Using small molecules to identify novel targets for the treatment of cancer J. Taunton
11/29/07 David Baker, U Washington Novel enzyme catalysts, rapid structure determination, and pushing the limits of folding and design with a multiplayer online computer game J. Wells
12/13/07 David Deamer, UC Santa Cruz Nanopore analysis of DNA K. Dill
12/20/07 Lewis Kay, University of Toronto Seeing the invisible by solution NMR spectroscopy T. James
1/3/08 Rob Phillips, Caltech How Cells Decide What to Eat and Where to Go W. Marshall
1/10/08 Tom Knight, MIT R. Williams
1/17/08 Tom Wandless, Stanford A General Solution to the "Problem" of Chemical Genetics J. Taunton
1/24/08 Gaudenz Danuser, Scripps Integration of mechanical and chemical signals in cell migration deciphered by global fluctuation analysis W. Marshall
2/14/08 Eric Siggia, Rockefeller University Predicting the course of evolution H. Li
2/21/08 Susan Marqusee, UC Berkeley K. Dill
2/28/08 James Inglese, NIH Chemical Genomics Center Integrative Technologies Enabling Chemistry and Biology as a Public Resource for Chemical Probe and Drug Discovery B. Shoichet
3/13/08 Gavin MacBeath, Harvard University
3/20/08 Ned Wingreen, Princeton Modeling the chemotaxis network of E. coli C. Tang
4/17/08 Tudor Oprea, University of New Mexico From Digital to Experimental Bioactivity: Exploring novel estrogen receptors B. Shoichet
4/24/08 Richard Ebright, Rutgers Single-molecule analysis of transcription G. Narlikar
5/1/08 Vishva Dixit, Genentech, Inc. The Inflammasome & Deubiquitinases in Innate Immune Signaling J. Wells
5/15/08 Rachel Brem, UC Berkeley Expression variation and regulatory feedback K. Dill
5/22/08 Jagesh Shah, Harvard Medical School Biophysical measurements of mitotic checkpoint signaling: How cells prevent chromosome loss W. Marshall
5/27/08 Gary Ruvkun, Harvard University
5/29/08 Brian Chait, Rockefeller University Protein Interactions as a Window into Cellular Function A. Krutchinsky
6/5/08 Gerald Crabtree, Stanford Designing small molecules to regulate protein interactions

Academic Year 2007

Date Speaker Topic Host
10/12/06 Mathew Francis, UC Berkeley New chemical tools for site-selective protein modification P. England
10/19/06 Adrian Keatinge-Clay, UCSF Dissecting, deciphering, and designing polyketide assembly lines R. Stroud
10/26/06 Christopher Walsh, Harvard Andrew Braisted Lecture, Halogenases: Natural product tailoring enzymes C. Craik
11/2/06 Ron Weiss, Princeton Synthetic biology: from bacteria to stem cells C. Voigt
11/16/06 Jay Keasling, UC Berkeley Engineering microorganisms for production of inexpensive, effective, anti-malarial drugs C. Craik
11/30/06 Sarah O'Connor, MIT Biosynthesis of new alkaloids in periwinkle K. Shokat
12/14/06 Maurizio Pellecchia, Burnham Institute A million little pieces: Fragment based approaches to drug discovery M. Jacobson
1/11/07 David Weitz, Harvard Reconstituted networks as models of cell mechanics W. Marshall
1/18/07 Richard H. Kramer, UC Berkeley Engineering light-activated ion channels for remote control of neuronal activity R. Edwards
1/25/07 Edward Egelman, University of Virginia Polymorphic perversity in polymers: The biological role of multiple subunit interfaces in helical filaments D. Mullins
2/1/07 Christina Smolke, Caltech Engineering molecular sensors for probing and programming cellular systems H. El-Samad
2/22/07 Alice Ting, MIT New protein labeling methodology and application to single molecule imaging of receptor trafficking with quantum dots J. Wells
3/1/07 Lorena Beese, Duke An integrated view of DNA polymerization and repair R. Stroud
3/15/07 Wilfred van der Donk, University of Illinois Chemistry and biology of ianthionine synthesis J. Taunton
4/12/07 David Tirrell, California Institute of Technology Non-canonical amino acids in protein engineering and proteomic analysis P. England
4/19/07 Brenda Bass, University of Utah dsRNA binding proteins in RNA editing and RNA interference J. Gross
4/26/07 Adrian Gross, Northwestern Structural aspects of potassium channel function B. Shoichet
5/10/07 Pei Zhou, Duke University Medical Center From novel antibiotics to fast NMR J. Gross
5/17/07 Melissa Jurica, UCSC Spliceosome structure by cryo-EM reconstruction G. Narlikar
5/24/07 Phil Baran, Scripps The catalytic cycle of discovery in total synthesis A. Renslo
5/31/07 William Bialek, Princeton Physics problems in early embryonic development R. Fletterick
6/7/07 Luc Jaeger, UC Santa Barbara Exploring folding, assembly and design principles of RNA as a proto-language A. Frankel